What is TapMe5?

TapMe5 is the najbrži i najednostavniji način za razmenu podataka koji se lepi na poleđinu vašeg mobilnog telefona ili na poleđinu njegove maske. We like to call it a Digital Business Card, as it contains information you find important and wish to share them with other people – be it your phone number, e-mail or a social media profile.

Kome je namenjen TapMe5?

TapMe5 is equally suitable for business people seeking to quickly share their contact details, and younger population that may just enjoy the fun in it.

Which mobile phones support TapeM5?

There are no limitations, TapMe5 is supported on all mobile phone models.

How can I order TapMe5?

TapMe5 can be simply ordered via our website.

Which payments method are supported?

TapMe5 can be paid for using payment cards on our website, or in cash upon delivery (for users from Serbia).

What is the expected delivery time?

The items will be shipped within 3-5 working days, while the delivery depends solely on the courier, but cannot exceed 21 days (depending on the country the pruchase is being made from).

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we deliver worldwide.

How do I install my TapMe5?

Upon purchasing TapMe5, you will receive detailed instructions on how to install the device.

Where should I place my TapMe5?

For iPhone: Place your TapMe5 on the bottom part of your phone. If you place it on the upper part, it will continously launch your phone’s NFC reader!

For most Android devices: Place your TapMe5 on the bottom part of your phone.

For Galaxy / Notes: Place your TapMe5 on the upper part of your phone, next to the camera!

Can I share my TapMe5 profile with a person whose phone does not support the NFC technology?

Of course, just use the QR code that can be found on your TapMe5 profile.

Does TapMe5 have to be placed exclusively on your phone?

No, TapMe5 can be placed wherever you want – on your laptop, on restaurant tables, in your car – there are endless opportunities.

Can TapMe5 work if placed under a phone case?

Yes, in 99.9% cases, TapMe5 will smoothly function even under your phone case, except in case your mask contains metal parts in the area where your TapMe5 is placed.

Can TapMe5 affect the wireless charging of your phone?

No, TapMe5 does not affect wireless charging and will not interfere with it.

Kako neko treba da prisloni svoj iphone uređaj na moj TapMe5 da bi preuzeo podatke?

On iPhone devices, the sensor for reading TapMe5 is located on the very upper part of the backside of your phone. The sensor will not be functional if a device is set to airplaine mode, the lamp/flashlight is turned on, the device screen is locked, or the camera is turned on.

Kako neko treba da prisloni svoj android uređaj na moj TapeM5 da bi preuzeo podatke?

On Android devices, the sensor for reading TapMe5 is located in the middle part of the backside of your phone.

Da li osoba koja preuzima podatke treba da uključi NFC na svom telefonu?

Yes, paticularly if their phone is on the list of devices with integrated NFC technology and still cannot read your TapMe, they should look for NFC section in their settings and turn it on.

How does the TapMe5 for pets work?

The device functions in the entirely same manner as the one on a mobile phone – it is just placed on your pet’s collar.

How is data exchanged between two devices with TapMe5?

In this case too, the transfer of data is performed exclusively using NFC technology.