Terms of Purchase


ADD TO BASKET – a standard order is created via website by using the button “Add to basket”. You may use this method to create order at any moment, 24/7.


All listed prices at the website are indicated with VAT included. If a buyer purchases an item whose price changes in the meantime, TAPME5 will accept the price valid at the time of making an order.


Payments can be made by using one of the two following methods:
PAYMENT UPON DELIVERY – The payment is made in cash to the courier upon receipt.
ONLINE CARD PAYMENT – You may use a payment card to make a payment via our website, with no additional payments needed upon receipt.


In case of online payments using payment cards via website, the order will be delivered free of charge. In case of payment upon delivery, a shipping fee of 200 RSD shall apply.
Items are shipped via POSTEXPRESS courier services across the entire territory of Serbia. Items will be shipped within 3-5 working days, while the delivery depends solely on the courier service.


Any case of damage, missing parts or potential malfunction of a product purchased from TAPME5, i.e. TAPME5 GROUP LTD, noticed by a buyer upon receipt of good, needs to be reported within 24 hours from the time of receipt, accompanied with photographs of the damage, via e-mail: office@tapme5.rs, which will initiate the dispute process by the seller (TAPME5 GROUP LTD). A dispute also refers to any potential objections due to wrongfully calculated price or other non-conformity.
A dispute may be filed via e-mail: office@tapme5.rs or via mail at the company address: TAPME5 GROUP LTD, Milivoja Miće Tomića 13/7 Zvezdara, Belgrade.
The seller (TAPME5 GROUP LTD) shall register the dispute in the book of received claims and issue a confirmation that the item has been disputed. The confirmation includes a number the dispute is filed under, and the confirmation is sent electronically (via e-mail) or via mail, if specifically requested by the buyer, and needs to be stored for at least two years from the day of filing the dispute.
The record of received claims is kept in the form of a bound book or in electronic form, and contains particularly the data about the submitting party and the date of receipt, information about the goods, brief description of non-conformity and the requests made in the dispute, date of issuing the confirmation of claim receipt, the decision about response sent to the buyer, the date of submitting the decision, the agreed suitable period for resolving the dispute agreed to by the buyer, the manner and date of resolving a dispute, and potential information about extending the deadline for resolving the dispute.
The seller (TAPME5 GROUP LTD) is obliged to resolve the received claim, i.e. provide a proposed solution within a legally prescribed period of 30 days from the date of submitting the claim, since the items sold fall under technology goods. In case of justified claim, over a period of six months since the purchase, a buyer is entitled to the options of having the seller TAPME5 GROUP LTD fix the sold item, replace it or provide full refund. In case the buyer does not follow the instructions regarding the maintenance of the bought item, i.e. does not properly maintain it, improperly treats or uses it, the item shall not be eligible for warranty.
In case the seller is not able to meet the buyer’s requests within the arranged deadline due to objective reasons, they are obliged to notify the buyer about the extension of the deadline for resolving the dispute and indicate a new deadline for resolving it, and obtain the buyer’s consent, which need to be recorded in the book of claims. The extension of deadline for resolving disputes can only be made once.
If a claim has been accepted and approved, the cost of transporting the disputed item to the seller’s warehouse shall be borne by the seller.
All information about the rights related to disputes is taken from the Law on Consumer Protection relevant to Article 52, Article 54, Article 56 and Article 81.


Refunds can be made upon receipt of returned goods in our warehouse.
REFUND IN CASE OF CARD PAYMENT – In case of returns, or in case that purchased and paid goods are not in stock, and consequently the full or partial refunds to be made to a buyer that previously made a payment by card, regardless of the reason of return, TAPME5 (TAPME5 GROUP LTD) is obliged to make the refund exclusively using VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment methods, which means that the bank will make the refund to cardholder’s account, upon a request made by the seller.
REFUND IN CASE OF PAYMENT UPON DELIVERY – In case of returns and refunds to a buyer that previously made a payment to POSTEXPRESS, regardless of the reason of return, TAPME5 (TAPME5 GROUP LTD) is obliged to provide the refund exclusively via a bank account, which means that the bank will make the refund to the buyer’s bank account, upon a request made by the seller. The buyer’s bank account number needs to be provided by the buyer at the e-mail office@tapme5.rs


The buyer is entitled to withdraw from a contract concluded at a distance, i.e. outside of business premises, within a period of 14 days, without indicating any reasons. In case the buyer withdraws from the purchase of item due to any reasons, while the items entirely match the website description and they are properly functional and undamaged, the buyer shall be responsible for covering the cost of transport to the seller’s address (TAPME5 GROUP DOO) and for properly packing the item to ensure it is not damaged in transport. The buyer shall be solely responsible for any diminished value of goods that may arise due to inadequate handling of goods, or handling that exceeds the actions necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of goods. The 14 day period is calculated from the moment of receipt by the buyer, or a third party designated by the buyer, other than the carier.
Due to the 14-day period, the buyer is obliged to make sure that the purchased item does not get damaged while in their possession.
The websites tapme5.com and tapme5.rs (owned by TAPME5 GROUP DOO) include a form that should be filled-in by the buyer and sent via e-mail: o@tapme5.rs or mail at the address TAPME5 GROUP DOO, Milivoja Miće Tomića 13/7 Zvezdara, Belgrade.
The form for withdrawing from a distance contract can be downloaded here.
TAPME5 GROUP LTD shall perform a refund upon receiving the returned goods. For more information about the refund methods, please see the section Refunds.
All information regarding the withdrawal from a distance contract is taken from the Law on Consumer Protection, relevant to Article 27, Article 28, Article 29, Article 30, Article 31, Article 34 and Article 35.


It is highly important to photograph any damages visible on the product packaging that may have occurred in transport, and immediately report them to the courier delivering the goods and in such cases, reject the shipment. The photographs should then be sent via e-mail office@tapme5.rs. The shipment will be returned to our warehouse, and we will initiate the dispute process to ensure that you receive a new, functional and undamaged product.
Upon receipt of goods, should the buyer notice any damage that may occur during transport, missing parts or potential malfucntion of an item, they are obliged to report such case within 24 hours since the receipt, accompanied with photographs of the damage, via e-mail office@tapme5.rs which will initiate the dispute process.


TAPME5 GROUP LTD as the owner of the website tapme5.com and tapme5.rs, is obliged to deliver items that are compliant with the agreement.
The delivered items are assumed to be compliant with the agreement:
1) if they match the description provided by the seller and if they meet the properties of the goods presented by the seller as a sample or model;
2) if they fulfill the properties needed for the specific use they are being purchased for, that are known or must have been known to the seller at the time of concluding the contract;
3) if they fulfill the properties needed for regular use of the same type of goods;
4) if they meet the quality and functionalities commonly present in the same type of goods and reasonably expected by the buyer, given the nature of the goods and public promises about the specific characteristics of goods provided by the seller, producer or their representatives, particularly if any such promise is made in an advertisement or item packaging.

All information is taken from the Law on Consumer Protection, relevant to Article 13.


After the expiration of legally prescribed period of conformity for technology goods (2 years), the buyer shall be responsible for performing service of goods. In that case, they shall be solely responsible for the cost of sending and receiving goods, and the cost of repair. The list of service shops is provided together with the documentation accompanying the goods, and some producers only provide the information about the central authorized service shop, which further informs the buyer about the closest service shops.
All information is taken from the Law on Consumer Protection, relevant to Article 13


TAPME5 GROUP LTD, as the owner of the website tapme5.com and tapme5.rs, is obliged to deliver items that are compliant with the agreement. TAPME5 GROUP LTD shall be responsible for any non-conformity of goods in the contract that may arise up to 2 years since the transfer of risk to the buyer. If non-conformity arises within a period of six months from the date of transfer of risk to the buyer, it may be assumed that non-conformity was present at the time of transfer of risk.
Any expenses necessary to ensure that the goods are compliant with the agreement, and particularly the cost of labor, materials, collection and delivery shall be borne by TAPME5 GROUP LTD

All information is taken from the Law on Consumer Protection, relevant to Article 13 and Article 53.


When entering the data about payment cards, all confidential data is transferred via a public network in protected (encrypted) form, using SSL protocol and PKI systems, as the latest cryptographic technologies. The safety of data in the course of purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor, ChipCard a.d Beograd, and the entire payment process is performed at the ChipCard webpages. The information about payment cards are not available to our system at any point.


In the course of its activities, TAPME5 GROUP LTD, websites “tapme5.rs and tapme5.com” (hereinafter TAPME5), Milivoja Miće Tomića 13/7. 11050 Belgrade – Zvezdara, TIN: 112157746, collects and processes personal data while complying with all relevant laws and regulations.

Data privacy

Protection of personal data of the TAPME5 website visitors is of utmost importance to us. All online activities in relation to TAPME5 are aligned with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia, and comply with the GDPR rules.
In order to successfully process a purchase order, we need your personal data, including your name, last name, address and telephone, and in some cases e-mail, to enable easier communication regarding the order details. All data are collected with your permission, when making an order or subscribing to our newsletter.
TAPME5 can use technical services of external business partners to deliver newsletters. In such cases, TAPME5 shall provide these partners exclusively the e-mail addresses registered by users to receive newsletters. The selected business partner shall use these addresses solely for the delivery of our newsletters, during the time period a user is subscribed, and they cannot be used for any other purposes.
By accepting the Terms of Purchase you consent to TAPME5 and its business partners collecting and processing, or mutually forwarding and exchanging the data indicated in the purchase order for the purpose of realizing the order, as well as the data about any made purchases for the purpose of customer care, marketing, resolving disputes, and meeting the consumers’ needs, so as to allow TAPME5 to evaluate your satisfaction with the quality of provide services and products, and send updates about ongoing offers, discounts or other commercial information related to TAPME5 products. All information provided is secure, and they shall not be misused in any manner or sold in the market, which ensures a completely secure and safe communication and cooperation with TAPME5. All TAPME5 employees (and business partners) are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.
The users themselves shall also be responsible for the protection of personal data, i.e. the manner of ensuring security of their username and password.

Automatically recorded information (non-personal data)

When accessing the TAPME5 website, general information that are not considered personal data (the type of internet browser, number of visits, average time spent on the website, visited webpages) are automatically recorded (the process is not related to your registration on the website). This information is used for website maintenance, improvements of its appearance, content and functionalities. The data is not analyzed in detail, nor passed to third parties.
The TAPME5 website uses “cookies”,
small pieces of data, stored in text files, that a site or its provider transfers to your device’s hard drive. These cannot be used to launch any programs or deliver a virus. Cookies are used solely for the purpose of easing and improving visitors’ access to VSD webpages. The information collected through cookies are used to record the settings and register user activity on webpages, including item viewing, webpage browsing, adding items to basket, favorites or items to compare, etc.
A user may delete or block cookies at any point, in their internet browser settings. If a user with blocked cookies accesses TAPME5 webpages, certain functionalities will be disabled.
TAPME5 uses services for analyzing user visits and habits on TAPME5 webpages, including e.g. Google Analytics. A service provider may use cookies to monitor users’ visits to or and other webpages, and based on this information, show paid advertisements by TAPME5 or other advertisers. A user may block any ad at the webpages of ad display service providers.

Personal data protection

The time period of storing users’ personal data depends on the purpose they are being used for.
The data related to membership in TAPME5 club, as well as other related data, are stored permanently i.e. until the cease of membership in the TAPME5 club. The data collected solely for the purpose of providing sales transaction are stored for another 24 months since the date of the latest transaction they are used for (e.g. transaction related to the delivery, shipping, dispute etc.). The data collected for processing based on legal requirements are kept in line with the prescribed time periods defined in relevant laws (e.g. the Law on Accounting etc.)


  • For any questions about the manner of using personal data, you may contact us via e-mail or mail, as follows:
    By sending an e-mail at office@tapme5.rs
    By sending inquiries via mail at the address: TAPME5 GROUP LTD, Milivoja Miće Tomića 13/7. 11050 Belgrade – Zvezdara, Serbia

By accepting these Terms, you are confirming that you are aware of the right to entirely withdraw this Statement of Agreement at any time.